Food provenance


All the meat used at Best Mangal is Halal and bought direct by our specialist meat buyer, from Smithfield market, London’s largest meat market.

He goes himself to pick and choose the highest quality cuts of meat on that particular day of the market. His specialist knowledge means that he will spend many hours picking and choosing  what is available in order to bring back  the best for Best Mangal.

It is then brought back to Best Mangal 2 for our butchers to carefully butcher the meat for all our restaurants. This enables us to utilize top quality meat at the best possible prices.


In Best Mangal 2 at 66, North End Road we have a traditional Turkish bread oven where the all the bread for the restaurants, is made and baked by the Best Mangal bakers.

This does mean that Lahmacun (like a Turkish thin crusted pizza) and Pide are available at Best Mangal 2.

The other restaurants use this freshly homemade bread that is delivered twice a day for ultimate freshness.


The lamb doner at all the Best Mangal restaurants are “yaprak”, this means layered.  We use lamb fillet from the shoulder and then marinated over night. In the morning the fillets are placed one on top of the other on the spit and pressed down so that it can be cooked and sliced downwards in the well known style of the doner.

They are prepared daily for each restaurant by our hard working butchers and if not finished at the end of the night anything remaining is disposed of.

So apologies if near the latter part of the night this particular item runs out.