Anatolia which is in present day west/central Turkey has remained fervently independent in its heritage and culture despite the ebbing and flowing of many invaders and empires including Byzantine and of course the Ottoman Empire, who remained in Turkey for over 600 years (1299-1923).

The Anatolian food culture that has remained constant throughout the ages is one of gathering around the Mangal (brazier) cooking, consuming their fantastic fresh local produce; washed down with Raki, local wine, good company, chat and maybe even partaking in a little sheesha. 

This traditional Anatolian way of dining and socialising is very much part of the heritage and culture of this region of Asia and one which is timeless.

Best Mangal has taken the essence of the Anatolian social gathering and brought to the heart of West London for it to be experienced and enjoyed in the less sunny climes that is England.